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We at Vantage are completely driven by Customer Satisfaction, and strive to provide best customer support and timely services, we take installations Pan India, a feature of our establishment with extensive Partner network across India; as a result, we are able to provide our services and support across the Country.

For any added assistance, we have an In-House Service Centre with company trained technicians.

Customer Centric

The “Vantage Installation Process" focuses on the most important asset in our portfolio, the “CUSTOMER." It puts the needs & requirements of the Customer first! The process begins first with a philosophy and mindset of customer care and attention. Everyone in the organization has an understanding of the role & importance our customers play in our every day lives. This is the foundation upon which we built our Company! With the foundation/mindset firmly in place, we begin the “Vantage Installation Process." Our goal is to make sure we are supporting the Customer from the very first visit of a Vantage person. It begins as a support role and rapidly develops into a partnership.the Customer continues to see and feel the depth, strength and discipline of the Vantage team.

Project Coordination

Acting internal Project Manager

Co-ordination between Project Manager and our internal Procurement Team for successful and timely ordering and delivery of equipment

Design & Installation

  • Complete submittal packages including architectural and audio/video and cabling drawings
  • All drawings are produced in Auto CAD when required
  • Weekly team meetings with all participants to review project timeline and drawings
  • Final testing and commissioning of Equipment’s supplied

Project Management

  • Meetings with clients technical and contract representative’s status reports, and resolution of questions or issues outstanding
  • Develop project schedule
  • Stage / site equipment and materials at our shop, create as built drawings
  • Submit owner manual binders of all equipment
  • Supervise end user training on equipment operation
  • Facilitate completion of final list of items delivered/installed

Installation Services

  • Performs pre-install / rough-in cabling and termination, including bundling and labeling of cables
  • Installation teams work closely with our design and engineering teams and project management in order to test all components prior to shipment
  • Complete the project with final on-site terminations, equipment alignments and final testing
  • Site clean up and disposal

Service and Support Team

  • Equipped to manage, support and maintain all customer installations after project completionremotely and thru site visits
  • Full support programs, ranging from time and materials to on-site support services
  • Established strong partnerships with OEM’s to ensure we have every resource available to our customers

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