AV Solutions

Upgrade meeting productivity with the latest Boardroom & Conference Room AV Solutions will help your company turn every meeting into a productive endeavor. We offer video distribution systems, wireless presentation solutions, interactive digital signage, and more that will enable you to create an environment that fosters teamwork. We offers most advanced conference room AV integration, design, installation and support also AV consultant for conference room.

Flexibility is key when designing training and multipurpose rooms that need to accommodate a variety of activities. In addition to providing technology for people to learn, collaborate and share ideas, the speakers and trainers need an easy-to-use interface in order to productively utilize the audio visual equipment within the room. Avyve’s touch panel control systems are designed to instill confidence in the technology, providing access to multiple resources at the touch of a button.

The reception area is vital and the first place you are able to leave your lasting impression. The footfall through this area is likely to be high and you should utilize the opportunity to communicate and deliver suitable messages. We believe that you can enhance this space and make it more fruitful through the use of visitor management systems.

Huddle rooms are usually also fitted with video conferencing equipment which allows for effortless global communication. Some organizations are known to have multiple huddle rooms also in combination with large conventional conference rooms. The purpose for this is to allow for the unscheduled and spontaneous collaborations within an environment that allows for brief, to-the-point engagement.

Digital Signs are a creative, and vibrant way to share information amongst attendees, sell sponsorships, or advertise products and services at your next conference or event. design a digital signage system that gives you complete control; you decide the content, you decide where it is displayed and when it is displayed. Or we can offer a completely managed service where your content is uploaded for you, to a pre designed screen to your specification.

We integrate digital cafeterias to provide businesses with the additional flexibility of a multi-use and small event venue. We help clients create multi-use digital cafeterias which allow the use of the cafeteria for meetings, corporate events and Town Hall events when required. When necessary, the same space can also be used for leisure activities like company parties besides its regular role as a cafeteria.

Smart Classroom will act as an incubator area for ideas based on industry and labour market requirements. It will change students and teachers mind-sets and will bring innovation, spur creative and catalytic thinking, triggers students’ exploration skills, enhance problem-solving based learning and provide the opportunity to teach and learn design, programming, engineering and production skills.


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